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Liberty Call

Pasadena Police Detective Pedro Mejia Memorial Bottle

Pasadena Police Detective Pedro Mejia Memorial Bottle

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The First Responder Whiskey Society has partnered with the Pasadena Police Officers Association to release this memorial bottle honoring fallen Pasadena Detective and retired Army 1st Sergeant Pedro Mejia. Our charity will donate 100% of the net proceeds to the future Pete Jr. Mejia Foundation at the request of his family. The money will be used to support and buy equipment for youths involved in sports from Pete's community where he coached.


*21+ OR OLDER ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED* - A 21+ or Older Adult Signature is required at the time of delivery. If you do not have someone there to sign for the bottle at delivery or coordinate with UPS to pick it up at one of their locations, it will be returned to the distillery, and you may have to pay additional shipping fees to have it sent back out! 

Please allow 3 weeks to fulfill your order as each bottle is custom-made per order.


A note from his friends and family:
Please join us in supporting the upstart of the Pete Jr. Mejia Foundation by purchasing this memorial bottle. Pete suffered a LODD on Feb. 6, 2021. Steve and I first met Pete back in the early 90’s in the Army; Steve during Basic Training and me right before our deployment to Saudi Arabia. The three of us became inseparable for a number of years and built so many great memories that would span the following 30+ years! When someone passes away people always tend to say how great they were and how ‘we lost a good one.’ Well, in this case it couldn’t be more true. Pete was the guy that was ALWAYS there for you, no matter what! He was always upbeat, laughing, smiling and was always our voice of reason when we needed it, regarding whatever we may have been up to, LOL. After our military days he was always the one to check in if too much time had passed. He was the greatest friend and loved his family, youth football and the Cowboys like no other!
Pete impacted so many of his peers from high school, the military and the Pasadena Police Department. He would be really surprised to know how much he meant to so many people. With the help of Charity Events and Donations, the Pete Jr. Mejla Foundation will bring joy to a youth football team in need of equipment and help provide youth the funds to sign up for league football. This is Pete's passion and legacy.
Thanks, Tony & Steve

This commemorative bottle of whiskey has been created by Liberty Call Distilling in San Diego California. The company is marine-owned and a friend to all first responders. The bottle boasts superior quality work compared to other engravings because it is sandblasted, not just etched. 

The whiskey is first aged in new 53 gallon medium charred American oak barrels for 2 years then rested in-barrel with Chilean Amburana Oak staves.  They’ve created a uniquely sweet, yet spicy bourbon whiskey. With hints of gingerbread and fresh vanilla on the nose, there is a pronounced sweetness on the palate while showing touches of oak, spice cake, nutmeg, and light brown sugar. 

The bottles can be shipped across the United States except for the restricted states of Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Utah, and Virginia.

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